Take Off Your Mosque

If you don’t live under a rock, or in Arkansas (sorry Arkansas readers), you’ve probably heard of the controversy over whether or not a mosque should be built merely minutes away from Ground Zero.

The argument is that a mosque this close to a place where many people, not only Americans, lost their lives to terrorist acts by Muslims is a slap in the face of every man, woman, child, and ferret of America. I’m sure many of you feel the same.

The tension of this issue in New York City is understandably thick. On one hand, we fight for our freedom, for everyones freedom, yet we don’t want to allow Muslims to build their place of worship. On the other hand, we protect all that is ours. Sacred land deserves sacred treatment, hence the reason we usually don’t have our birthday parties on peoples graves.

Either way, there is a balance that needs to be maintained. Who do we look to for balance? Greedy politicians? Nope. Religious leaders? Nope. Al Sharpton? Hell no! We need rich people! Those are the people who make America tick, no?!

Now humbled Americans patiently await a bid to buy the space by one of our many rich friends, one specifically being the one and only, Donald Trump. Although the Trump can’t control the small animal upon his head, he could very well bring smiles to the faces of many Americans and show some strength and unity in New York City if he chose to buy the property that may one day house a mosque.

Will the Donald step up to the task, or will he stay away from it? Who knows! I’m not Who, so I don’t know. Only time and money will tell.


About Andrew Rowley
I'm just another New Yorker and college student trying to find his place in a sleepless city and a world full of hooligans in expensive neckties and cuff links. I live to be free and I'd love to help any and everyone accomplish just the same, if I can. I write for therapy and expression. Hopefully, one day I can manage to turn my art and hobby into a successful business.

4 Responses to Take Off Your Mosque

  1. sammaye says:

    I take it by the sounds of that you blame all Muslims for the actions of the few?

    Are you god fearing? I can tell you of so much more horrific things that Christians have done over history.

    Just as an example, the first crusade. Christians massacred and slaughtered and raped every Muslim in Jerusalem just because “God said it was ok”. As another example, it is was Christian extremists who burnt down Rome and that is still considered OK by most Christians today! Even in today’s world Christian extremism is on the rise again and it is only a matter of time until they do something stupid, only difference is they have nothing to moan about because history was kind to them after the Roman oppression (before they decided to adopt Christianity for themselves). Over here in England Christians have been known to randomly assault and beat up Homosexuals. One of my friends is gay and a Christian recently tried to start on him for it, let’s just say he won’t be making that mistake again any time soon.

    Back to subject, even now the reason why Muslims attack in such a manner is because of history, because of the things we did. Read up on history a little you will realise extremists don’t just come out because they feel like it. Both UK and America have done terrible things (much worse than killing 3000 innocent people in two towers), they target both our countries for a reason.

    Not all Muslims are dangerous and some are real saints; much more so than the Pope.

    I think your post is dangerously close to discrimination of an otherwise innocent and benign culture and religion for was it not Muhammad himself who said, “One shall not harm a tree”.

    Think abut this for a minute, there are Muslim soldiers in the British army fighting against Muslim extremists in Afghanistan…I don’t see a Christian doing that. Good Muslims are paying the same blood as we do to stop these people and you are basically blaming them for what we brought down upon ourselves. You want the honest to god truth? The governments of the world knew that their past actions would one day come back on them just before they committed those actions…just like Saddam Hussain (British history)

    • First off, thank you for commenting.

      Second, no I don’t blame all for the few. Some of my good friends and people I rather enjoy being around are Muslim. I have nothing, absolutely nothing against Muslims. However, I do think it is a matter of respect for public sentiment.

      Lives were lost and of course, with knowledge of Muslim influence, Americans begin to stigmatize plenty Muslims. That in itself is WRONG. No two ways about it. I do feel that with the loss of lives, this is sacred ground and is a place that is still very sensitive to MANY! I myself, have gotten emotional just being around there since I was watching one of the planes hit the towers and I know so many people who are affected by the events of 9/11.

      Do I blame Muslims as a whole? No. But do I think that the masses feeling this area is sensitive is okay? Yes! People do not want a reminder, which they feel is an arrogant way of saying “hey, you’re all about freedom right?”

      Simply put, if it were reversed and Christians did the same in a Muslim community, I would be blaming and saying no to Christians wanting to build something so close to that land because I feel its simply disrespect. I don’t care what the religion is.

      Thanks again for your insight. It’s greatly appreciated! Always glad to get some other opinions on here.

      • sammaye says:

        Yea I understand the feeling of the general atmosphere, over here in a city called Exeter a Muslim dropped a pipe bomb that went off….I had just left the shop as he walked in. I respect that if the tables were reversed to Christianity you would feel the same way, it shows you are not just “picking” on them. All I hear now-a-days is Christians saying how barbaric the Muslim religion is when in reality the Vatican is built on top of (not next to) the graves of Romans Christian extremists killed in the fire so I guess I find this kinda talk very sensitive because a lot of people who do not understand history try to understand these events and it does my head in when they get it so wrong.

        But anyway thanks for the reply and sorry I misunderstood the language and thought you was condemning all Muslims.

  2. sammaye says:

    Just as an addition to this line:

    “Think abut this for a minute, there are Muslim soldiers in the British army fighting against Muslim extremists in Afghanistan…I don’t see a Christian doing that.”

    If anything Christianity actually supports extremism within its religion, even the Pope has been found to support it. I class Anti-Homosexuality as extremism (since it is causing massive problems) and the Pope himself seems to support that. You might say it does not compare at all, well it does because everything starts with support including 9/11. Without the support of oppressed Muslims 9/11 would never have occurred. It is true that many of the Taliban are gits and greedy little fucks looking to expand their power and influence the innocent Muslims of this world but there are the few who know and have seen history, it is these few who gives the support of the innocent to the evil.

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