Faster Than a New York Mood Swing

It was so strange watching the aura of the city go from fashion on the 10th, to somber on the 11th.

WTC, the way we remember it

There’s now a major aspect of New York missing. Has been for 9 years now. The skyline many of us grew up seeing, knowing, changed by one day. Everything we believe in was tested and to the test we stood, as strong as ever. It took resilience, power, emotion, strength, and fear to bring us together. I still remember that day, not as if it were yesterday, but more like a nightmare. Astounding; so much so that it feels like it never really happened.

With so much going on from the building of mosque’s to the burning of the Quran, the climate is a frigid one in this country right now. In this cold body, the heart of it all rests here. Where it began, and probably where it will end. New York City has handled this situation well. We refuse to fear, we refuse to live how they want us to.

Walking through the streets of New York I see many Muslim protesters, claiming to know that the United States will burn. Handing out “literature” they attempt to inform Americans that we are all damned, doomed, etc. The message may vary, but I’ve seen some pretty extreme messages.

Aside from it all, we continue to work towards the future. If you want a perfect view of how far back we’ve come, take a ride on the free Staten Island Ferry. The view of a building structure I didn’t recognize made me smile. The frame work of the new towers is now high enough to be seen easily from the Hudson River.

We all have issues. Our countries have them, our people have them, our religions have them. Fact is that nothing is perfect, but war violence is rarely the way to attain peace. We’ve just evolved, or rather de-evolved, to believe that they need be in place. Forget your country, forget your religion. What does that say for us as humans, really?


About Andrew Rowley
I'm just another New Yorker and college student trying to find his place in a sleepless city and a world full of hooligans in expensive neckties and cuff links. I live to be free and I'd love to help any and everyone accomplish just the same, if I can. I write for therapy and expression. Hopefully, one day I can manage to turn my art and hobby into a successful business.

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