Radio Shack’s G2 Giveaway

Sorry for such a close-to-call posting, but Radio Shack ( I keep typing shake) will begin giving away G2 devices on Twitter in a matter of minutes. The madness will begin at 12pm EST. The Shack will be giving away 6 phones, from what I understand. Questions will be asked and Twitter users will have to respond with the hashtag #ShackG2 in order to be entered.

Once again sorry for the short notice, but happy tweeting!!

RadioShack’s Twitter account: @RadioShack


Chilean Miners Free Tomorrow?

Enough about the United States for a little while as we shift our attention over to Chile. As many of you may know, unless you live under a rock (haha no that wasn’t punny at all huh?), 33 Chilean miners have been trapped underground for a mind-blowing 68 days! Now we get news that they may be getting rescued soon.

Chilean miners have completed lining a segment of a shaft from which they will attempt to save the trapped minors. They are also working on a separate shaft as a contingency plan just in case. The good news created chantings of “Viva Chile” in hopes of finally saving what the locals now call the trapped miners, “los 33”.

Today they should be taking test runs with the capsule they plan on using to save the miners, and if all goes well, they may begin to be introduced to the above-ground as soon as tomorrow! There are supposedly paramedics and rescuers going down to prep the miners for their journey in the capsule, which makes my skin crawl since I hate small spaces, but I don’t think I’m claustrophobic (or am I just in denial?). I probably am. Anyway, the trip is supposed to be anywhere between 10 and 40 minutes. So they will be strapped with waterproof suits and oxygen masks to keep themselves sustained and breathable. Apparently, the most stable miners will be the first to go up. The health minister, Jaime Manalich said,

They have to be psychologically mature, have a great deal of mining experience and be able to handle a quick training on how to use the harness and oxygen mask in the Phoenix capsule.

Some have volunteered to go up first, others to go last, and now the question is are they being chivalrous or going after the Guinness World record for the longest time a miner has been trapped underground. Either way, when they arrive topside they will be fitted with Oakley Radar sunglasses (nice one, Oakley!) so that way not only are they shielded from the sunlight but they are also getting mentally and physically evaluated in style. You go, papi chulo’s!

Hey Mr. Paladino(saur)

This is Carl Paladino, one of the dirtiest players I’ve ever witnessed in politics. The news is flooded right now with yet another episode of his shenanigans. This time he’s put his feet in his mouth in regards to homosexuality. Paladino made a remark about homosexuality saying “there is nothing to be proud of in being a dysfunctional homosexual” and later added, “That is not how God created us.” He also insinuates that the gay community is brainwashed when he says, “I don’t want to be brainwashed into thinking that homosexuality is an equally valid and successful option.”

Paladino opposes same sex marriage because he is a Catholic, which is understandable, but then he continues on to say that his is opposed to discrimination of any kind. That seems just a tad bit strange since he manages to squeeze in that heterosexuals will be “much better off and much more successful.” Although that in itself isn’t discrimination to definition, it does give me the feeling that if proven right in a situation he’ll be the first to say “I told you so”, therefore you support discrimination, homeboy. Maybe this is just my amateur opinion.

Paladinosaur (rawr) made these remarks at a synagogue in the Williamsburg area of Brooklyn in an attempt to set the contrast between himself and the man he seems to be so in love with that he smears his name to the death because he can’t have him, Andrew Cuomo. Cuomo is the reason I really don’t like Paladino to begin with. Well, not Cuomo himself so let me explain.

Paladino has done, in my opinion, nothing but try to call out Andrew Cuomo on any and everything. Has he at any point in his campaign said what he can do or plans to do? Every time I see or hear something about him, it seems to be him aiming at Cuomo. Maybe Cuomo should just give it up and let Paladino take him out on a date. That seems to be what he wants. Perhaps he’s only confused about his own homosexuality? Who knows.

Enough about the hardcore news, let’s be real for a little bit. He’s old school, and closed minded. I don’t feel we should be putting trust in a man who is running for a position in such a diverse place as New York City when he himself is not diversified in thinking. He has a one tracked mindset, and he’s probably just way too old to hop off of that track without his knees giving out.

I say live and let live. Although it is a cliche’d term, I feel it is only fair. What one chooses to do with their life has very little to do with the success and economy of New York and nothing at all to do with your hoping to govern! Focus on yourself and stop trying to dig deeper and deeper into Cuomo and sharing your unwanted, close-minded take on sexuality. Am I the only one who feels this guys mentality belongs to a high schooler?

Rutgers Suicide Hate Crime Stakes

I’m sure plenty of you have either heard or read about the Rutgers student, Tyler Clamenti, who committed suicide after fellow students put a video of him making love to another man on the internet. Just to recap, the incident involves 3 people. One, the young man who committed suicide, and the other two, one male and one female who filmed and broadcast the video.

Since this made national news, I’m going to assume you know most of the details. Now the question is whether or not these 2 other students should have the charge of a hate crime added on to the invasion of privacy. My contemplation is as follows. He was gay, we knows this. From what I know, or rather don’t know, the two other students are presumably heterosexual, yes. What they did was undeniably wrong, unfair, and downright uncalled for. But does this really hold ground as a hate crime? There’s plenty of controversy over this. Are Americans just sensitive because he’s gay and so the gay community claims it to be against them?

Is it okay for masses to quickly cry victim? This is a tragedy, as it is a loss of human life. But was this an attack on him because of who he was as a person? Was it an attack to his sexual orientation? Was it an attack at all, or was it just taking a distasteful joke way too far?

As it stands right now they’re facing invasion of privacy and probably some other charges that mean nothing but have fancy names, but the if the hate crime is tacked onto this, then that could mean a few more years tacked onto their sentences. As I said, this is a very tragic end to a young mans life, but these kids didn’t beat him up or pushing him physically. He couldn’t take the stress and embarrassment of having this known publicly and he killed himself. So my question is, should hate crimes be added to this, or is this just someone who couldn’t take it and killed himself, who just so happened to be gay?

G2 Lives, But Is It Worth It?

Of course, for all the Android OS lovers, something long awaited has arrived. As the successor to the very first Android device, the G1, the G2 has considerable hype behind it as it has some big shoes to fill, but does it really stack up against the current competition? Is it worth having the G-series tag on it?

From what I am seeing around the web, the G2 arrival has many #teamandroid members going gaga (no lady included) but just as many others who swear by Android say it fails to impress them.

Contrary to popular belief, the main issue people are having with this device isn’t the 800MHz processor in a world of 1 GHz monsters. It’s the fact that people feel it was just an undershot. No 1GHz processor? Okay, but they have a new high performance, high efficiency chipset. No front facing camera? No flashy gimmicks? No cool new groundbreaking toys? Some feel it fails to compare to the EVO and Droid series.

Many others feel that the G2 is just like the G1, bare-boned. No flashy gimmicks or crap options that you won’t care about or use in real-world scenarios. Just pure powerhouse (or about as much power as 800MHz and a new chipset can’t hump into your hand). Others find issues in aesthetics. The keyboard for instance, is said to have a rubbery cheap feel atop the fact that there are only four rows, unlike the G1’s spacious 5 row keypad. One of the main complaints is the fact that this T-Mobile device is supposed to be able to handle 4G speeds. T-Mobile customers feel that magenta should first maybe, who knows, work on their 3G coverage before they try to climb the ladder with devices specified and worthy of doing something that their network is not necessarily up to. I can say that here in New York City, I do get 4G(ish) HSPA+ speeds. I have a rooted MyTouch 3G running a CyanogenMod ROM and I have gotten my “H” on. Perhaps that was a glitch or something to make me feel special about my crappy device, but that’s not the topic right now.

I won’t get into specifics, since I haven’t really been too in touch with the Android world since I haven’t had one of their devices since the MyTouch 3G, but what do you think? Is it a fail? Is it a win? Or is it just not even sparking enough to register on your radar. Feel free to comment below.

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