Taylor Swift Makes My Knees Cringe

Oh Taylor, Taylor, Taylor. May we have a flashback?

I admit, I felt bad for you when Mr. West interrupted you. At least he let you finish, but Beyonce had…

…oh wait.

Anyway, that was a year ago. An entire year ago. You’re not still mad about this are you? I hope not. In your song you tried to comfort Kanye? He’s still an innocent? Let me tell you what he still is.

[Drumroll please]

He’s still not giving a damn. He knows he’s an asshole, he knows he’s a douchebag. His song proved it, don’t you think? I think it was a bit cry baby-ish of her to still be riding this thing like a fat man on a pony. Let it go, lady! I really think even Kanye let it go. His performance was a song about him but he’s not beating himself up over interrupting you, Taylor. The man, according to things he has said himself, is trying to change himself a bit as a person, not as a VMA participant. The man basically labelled himself a douchebag and an asshole, although I think she is one for riding this for so long in what can be only labelled, in my opinion, as a pity party. Besides, who could stay mad at this face?!

I don’t think he sucks. He’s an amazing artist, but as a person I guess he can be a bit of an asshole. But it takes a lot to come out and say that about yourself and show humility, something he’s not known to be fond of. Plenty has happened to this dude, but I’d like to bring to light a reality check for Taylor Swift. He wasn’t concerned with you, and you had very little to do with his recent changes. We all know who did, though.

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