G2 Lives, But Is It Worth It?

Of course, for all the Android OS lovers, something long awaited has arrived. As the successor to the very first Android device, the G1, the G2 has considerable hype behind it as it has some big shoes to fill, but does it really stack up against the current competition? Is it worth having the G-series tag on it?

From what I am seeing around the web, the G2 arrival has many #teamandroid members going gaga (no lady included) but just as many others who swear by Android say it fails to impress them.

Contrary to popular belief, the main issue people are having with this device isn’t the 800MHz processor in a world of 1 GHz monsters. It’s the fact that people feel it was just an undershot. No 1GHz processor? Okay, but they have a new high performance, high efficiency chipset. No front facing camera? No flashy gimmicks? No cool new groundbreaking toys? Some feel it fails to compare to the EVO and Droid series.

Many others feel that the G2 is just like the G1, bare-boned. No flashy gimmicks or crap options that you won’t care about or use in real-world scenarios. Just pure powerhouse (or about as much power as 800MHz and a new chipset can’t hump into your hand). Others find issues in aesthetics. The keyboard for instance, is said to have a rubbery cheap feel atop the fact that there are only four rows, unlike the G1’s spacious 5 row keypad. One of the main complaints is the fact that this T-Mobile device is supposed to be able to handle 4G speeds. T-Mobile customers feel that magenta should first maybe, who knows, work on their 3G coverage before they try to climb the ladder with devices specified and worthy of doing something that their network is not necessarily up to. I can say that here in New York City, I do get 4G(ish) HSPA+ speeds. I have a rooted MyTouch 3G running a CyanogenMod ROM and I have gotten my “H” on. Perhaps that was a glitch or something to make me feel special about my crappy device, but that’s not the topic right now.

I won’t get into specifics, since I haven’t really been too in touch with the Android world since I haven’t had one of their devices since the MyTouch 3G, but what do you think? Is it a fail? Is it a win? Or is it just not even sparking enough to register on your radar. Feel free to comment below.


Verizon Loves Sharing, Sort Of

Here’s one that tech geeks and especially #teamandroid supporters will be a bit upset at.

Verizon Wireless has announced that it will be releasing it’s own VCAST store as a direct competitor with the Android Market. Don’t get why this is such a big deal? I’ll try to keep it brief.

Google is a business like any other. Android is their software. Verizon chooses to bloat just about every one of their Android devices with their own overlay, meaning they aren’t running genuine, direct from Google, Android software.

By Verizon choosing to directly compete with the Android Market is sort of a slap in the face. Android, most people won’t know of. But mention “Droid” and of course now everyone knows that you are talking about. Android is the software, Droid is hardware from Motorola, on the Verizon network. Verizon has done an excellent marketing job by the way, because people now think anything running Android is Droid. Well played, VZ.

Android’s first device, the G1 was a T-Mobile product. Since then however, Verizon has gotten just about all of the high end phones, and has done all of their own branding to the extent that Android has now become AnDroid to the average non-geek, leaving Google kind of out there in the limbo of attention and brand pushing, while Verizon soaks up most of the glory. So much so that some people, when presented with Android devices from another carrier (ex. T-Mobile) believe they aren’t “real Droids”. I hope you get where I’m coming from with that one.

I guess for the most part this is not a big deal to many. Hell, it may even be a minor deal to Google (for now). Verizon has the same attitude all over the board, which is my personal reason for not being a part of their community. Jerks, money hungry jerks at that. Soon, they’ll try to take Google’s name out of everything it seems. Maybe then it will be a real issue for Google.

My (selfish) suggestion: Bring all the Android goodness over to T-Mobile where Vanilla (direct from Google) Android phones are what we love!

The only thing I see good about the VCAST store is that you can get the charges of paid applications directly on your phone bill, as opposed to whipping out your credit/debit card, using PayPal, or having to open a Google checkout account.

Google doesn’t really get revenue from the Android Market, but the hard working, average joe developers do (those who charge at least, since the underbelly of the Android Market is overall a great community of people who donate when an app is free and kick-ass).

VZ users with Android devices will now have to open two different stores to explore all of the app choices. Although this is a minor blow since it does not affect Google’s pockets too much, perhaps attention should be paid to the fact that Verizon one-uped their douchebaggery by eliminating Google’s search which DOES generate revenue and replacing it with Bing (a Microsoft product!) on the Samsung Fascinate, which is as you guessed it, an Android device aka a Google OS (operating system) device.

I wonder if Google regrets shaking hands with the VZ now. Either way, I dedicate this song to you Verizon. It sounds like you wrote it yourselves. Enjoy!

Three’s Company: Apple, RIM, HTC

I’d like to start this post by thanking The Mobiler for this shot from their post a while back. Be aware I chose a picture of older devices for a reason. Hope you can figure why during the read. Although the devices have changed immensely, minus BlackBerry which seems to be like an intricate game of Where’s Waldo in which Waldo changes his shirt and calls himself a new name, the point is still the same and some things in life don’t change.


Call me when you get it together.

You may be asking yourself, “What the hell is he talking about?!”

Here is my beef. It’s simple.


Hi HTC, it’s me again. Call me when you learn to strap worthy enough batteries on your devices. Android devices, predominantly, run on HTC devices. I think it’s a safe bet that most people bank on HTC when it comes to their Android devices. Sure you have other OS’s running on some devices, but who are they, because no one cares. There are only 3 dogs in the race.

Anyway, HTC I ask that you PLEASE get a grip and acknowledge that regardless of what the software “says” it conserves, many Android users root their devices. Wait, that isn’t your concern! Okay lets stick to non-rooted users who end up with a dead battery with an hour and a half commute left at night. Strap the battery better. Your phones are like toilet paper during diarrhea that has some good amount, but just not enough to close the night right. Thanks. Your battery just left me with this stain.


Hi RIM, it’s me. I’m a faithful, even though I tend to cheat on you for hours at a time with my HTC device running Android software. Don’t worry, at the end of the day, I still hold you tightly in my grip. I just need one thing to come to your attention. PLEASE understand that we, your faithfuls, need apps too. Android and Apple have markets that kick ass, our App World is more like an App Bodega. Have an open mind, and give us some things we can actually use. I have TD Bank. There’s not even an app for me to use in the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!! You know why people don’t bother making BlackBerry apps as much as the competitors. Loosen up and have some sex with an open experience. Thanks!


Seriously, my message is quick, simple, and painless. Call me when Steve Jobs is abducted by aliens or something. Your entire company attitude blows like the winds in westerns that push the tumble weed around right before someone turns around and shoots someone else. To top it off, you put Americas biggest jerk as your front man. Congrats.

P.S. Just hug an android! You might as well, since it seems to me your latest software on the iPhone looks a bit *cough cough* Androidesque. Just saying!

I have a BlackBerry for many reasons which cannot be beat, but I wish someone would compete with what BlackBerry does best. Maybe then they’ll step up to the plate and stop just getting by.

T-Mobile G2 w. Google Info Released

This morning T-Mobile USA has finally revealed some more in-depth specifications on their newest Android software based device, the G2. The G2 follows the course of its predecessor, the G1. What makes this phone so special is that it will be T-Mobile’s first device to truly function on its new HSPA+ network. This means that it will function at speeds faster than 3G, while technically, not 4G either although T-Mobile assures it will be able to function “at 4G speeds”. In essence, we could call it 3.5G, I’d say.

On T-Mobiles dedicated G2 page they have a picture of the device (seen above) as well as a description. Unlike when Google dropped the Nexus One and gave the better deal to new customers, T-Mobile is staying loyal to their faithful by giving current customers exclusive access to pre-orders which begin later this month.

Specs on the G2 include:

  • Android 2.2
  • Snapdragon (not the Scorpion we all thought) MSM 7230 processor
  • 800 MHz CPU (most hope this is an under-clocked 1 GHz)
  • High Definition video camera capable of recording 720p videos
  • 5 MP camera with flash and auto-focus
  • 4 GB internal memory, with an included 8 GB memory card (supports up to 32 GB external memory)
  • Adobe Flash enabled web browser and much more

More details will come of the device soon. For now, I think that the long awaited G2 should be just like the first – simple, sleek, and kick ass minus plenty gimmicks. Plenty of Android users are disappointed with this device. Complaints stem from things like it being less than 1 GHz, although numbers aren’t everything, to the fact that it has no front facing camera. I guess everyone wants FaceTime now. I believe the G2 will still have amazing sales. Far better than the other company that tried to do something revolutionary, Research In Motion, with it’s BlackBerry Torch 9800 which, to me, screams epic fail. Android fans unite and still have the most close-knit mobile community out there. I’m sure many will be ready to root this device and throw on a brand spanking new ROM on it that will push it to it’s limits. Rock on rooters!

To see more details on and a closer look at the T-Mobile G2 with Google please visit T-Mobiles shop site here.

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