iPhone and Siblings To Get Wireless Printing

Yet again, iOS gets all the cool stuff before the rest of the universe. This dish is based on the operating system, iOS and its 4.2 update which should touch down in November.

Have you ever found a website on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch and thought, “Damn, I wish I could just print this!”

Swear no more, Apple junkies, for iOS 4.2 will have wireless printer support via Bluetooth!

I do believe the feature will be known as AirPrint and it sounds pretty promising. Not only will you be able to print, but you will have many of the controls you do from the average PC.

  • Print que
  • Print range
  • Single/double-sided printing

Those are some that I’ve heard of. I’m assuming they will also have landscape/portrait controls as well. So to all the Apple fans out there, you won’t have to wait too long. iOS 4 should be reaching an iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad near you some time in November. Get ready for it!


Three’s Company: Apple, RIM, HTC

I’d like to start this post by thanking The Mobiler for this shot from their post a while back. Be aware I chose a picture of older devices for a reason. Hope you can figure why during the read. Although the devices have changed immensely, minus BlackBerry which seems to be like an intricate game of Where’s Waldo in which Waldo changes his shirt and calls himself a new name, the point is still the same and some things in life don’t change.


Call me when you get it together.

You may be asking yourself, “What the hell is he talking about?!”

Here is my beef. It’s simple.


Hi HTC, it’s me again. Call me when you learn to strap worthy enough batteries on your devices. Android devices, predominantly, run on HTC devices. I think it’s a safe bet that most people bank on HTC when it comes to their Android devices. Sure you have other OS’s running on some devices, but who are they, because no one cares. There are only 3 dogs in the race.

Anyway, HTC I ask that you PLEASE get a grip and acknowledge that regardless of what the software “says” it conserves, many Android users root their devices. Wait, that isn’t your concern! Okay lets stick to non-rooted users who end up with a dead battery with an hour and a half commute left at night. Strap the battery better. Your phones are like toilet paper duringĀ diarrhea that has some good amount, but just not enough to close the night right. Thanks. Your battery just left me with this stain.


Hi RIM, it’s me. I’m a faithful, even though I tend to cheat on you for hours at a time with my HTC device running Android software. Don’t worry, at the end of the day, I still hold you tightly in my grip. I just need one thing to come to your attention. PLEASE understand that we, your faithfuls, need apps too. Android and Apple have markets that kick ass, our App World is more like an App Bodega. Have an open mind, and give us some things we can actually use. I have TD Bank. There’s not even an app for me to use in the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!! You know why people don’t bother making BlackBerry apps as much as theĀ competitors. Loosen up and have some sex with an open experience. Thanks!


Seriously, my message is quick, simple, and painless. Call me when Steve Jobs is abducted by aliens or something. Your entire company attitude blows like the winds in westerns that push the tumble weed around right before someone turns around and shoots someone else. To top it off, you put Americas biggest jerk as your front man. Congrats.

P.S. Just hug an android! You might as well, since it seems to me your latest software on the iPhone looks a bit *cough cough* Androidesque. Just saying!

I have a BlackBerry for many reasons which cannot be beat, but I wish someone would compete with what BlackBerry does best. Maybe then they’ll step up to the plate and stop just getting by.

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