G2 Lives, But Is It Worth It?

Of course, for all the Android OS lovers, something long awaited has arrived. As the successor to the very first Android device, the G1, the G2 has considerable hype behind it as it has some big shoes to fill, but does it really stack up against the current competition? Is it worth having the G-series tag on it?

From what I am seeing around the web, the G2 arrival has many #teamandroid members going gaga (no lady included) but just as many others who swear by Android say it fails to impress them.

Contrary to popular belief, the main issue people are having with this device isn’t the 800MHz processor in a world of 1 GHz monsters. It’s the fact that people feel it was just an undershot. No 1GHz processor? Okay, but they have a new high performance, high efficiency chipset. No front facing camera? No flashy gimmicks? No cool new groundbreaking toys? Some feel it fails to compare to the EVO and Droid series.

Many others feel that the G2 is just like the G1, bare-boned. No flashy gimmicks or crap options that you won’t care about or use in real-world scenarios. Just pure powerhouse (or about as much power as 800MHz and a new chipset can’t hump into your hand). Others find issues in aesthetics. The keyboard for instance, is said to have a rubbery cheap feel atop the fact that there are only four rows, unlike the G1’s spacious 5 row keypad. One of the main complaints is the fact that this T-Mobile device is supposed to be able to handle 4G speeds. T-Mobile customers feel that magenta should first maybe, who knows, work on their 3G coverage before they try to climb the ladder with devices specified and worthy of doing something that their network is not necessarily up to. I can say that here in New York City, I do get 4G(ish) HSPA+ speeds. I have a rooted MyTouch 3G running a CyanogenMod ROM and I have gotten my “H” on. Perhaps that was a glitch or something to make me feel special about my crappy device, but that’s not the topic right now.

I won’t get into specifics, since I haven’t really been too in touch with the Android world since I haven’t had one of their devices since the MyTouch 3G, but what do you think? Is it a fail? Is it a win? Or is it just not even sparking enough to register on your radar. Feel free to comment below.

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