Chilean Miners Free Tomorrow?

Enough about the United States for a little while as we shift our attention over to Chile. As many of you may know, unless you live under a rock (haha no that wasn’t punny at all huh?), 33 Chilean miners have been trapped underground for a mind-blowing 68 days! Now we get news that they may be getting rescued soon.

Chilean miners have completed lining a segment of a shaft from which they will attempt to save the trapped minors. They are also working on a separate shaft as a contingency plan just in case. The good news created chantings of “Viva Chile” in hopes of finally saving what the locals now call the trapped miners, “los 33”.

Today they should be taking test runs with the capsule they plan on using to save the miners, and if all goes well, they may begin to be introduced to the above-ground as soon as tomorrow! There are supposedly paramedics and rescuers going down to prep the miners for their journey in the capsule, which makes my skin crawl since I hate small spaces, but I don’t think I’m claustrophobic (or am I just in denial?). I probably am. Anyway, the trip is supposed to be anywhere between 10 and 40 minutes. So they will be strapped with waterproof suits and oxygen masks to keep themselves sustained and breathable. Apparently, the most stable miners will be the first to go up. The health minister, Jaime Manalich said,

They have to be psychologically mature, have a great deal of mining experience and be able to handle a quick training on how to use the harness and oxygen mask in the Phoenix capsule.

Some have volunteered to go up first, others to go last, and now the question is are they being chivalrous or going after the Guinness World record for the longest time a miner has been trapped underground. Either way, when they arrive topside they will be fitted with Oakley Radar sunglasses (nice one, Oakley!) so that way not only are they shielded from the sunlight but they are also getting mentally and physically evaluated in style. You go, papi chulo’s!

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