Hey Mr. Paladino(saur)

This is Carl Paladino, one of the dirtiest players I’ve ever witnessed in politics. The news is flooded right now with yet another episode of his shenanigans. This time he’s put his feet in his mouth in regards to homosexuality. Paladino made a remark about homosexuality saying “there is nothing to be proud of in being a dysfunctional homosexual” and later added, “That is not how God created us.” He also insinuates that the gay community is brainwashed when he says, “I don’t want to be brainwashed into thinking that homosexuality is an equally valid and successful option.”

Paladino opposes same sex marriage because he is a Catholic, which is understandable, but then he continues on to say that his is opposed to discrimination of any kind. That seems just a tad bit strange since he manages to squeeze in that heterosexuals will be “much better off and much more successful.” Although that in itself isn’t discrimination to definition, it does give me the feeling that if proven right in a situation he’ll be the first to say “I told you so”, therefore you support discrimination, homeboy. Maybe this is just my amateur opinion.

Paladinosaur (rawr) made these remarks at a synagogue in the Williamsburg area of Brooklyn in an attempt to set the contrast between himself and the man he seems to be so in love with that he smears his name to the death because he can’t have him, Andrew Cuomo. Cuomo is the reason I really don’t like Paladino to begin with. Well, not Cuomo himself so let me explain.

Paladino has done, in my opinion, nothing but try to call out Andrew Cuomo on any and everything. Has he at any point in his campaign said what he can do or plans to do? Every time I see or hear something about him, it seems to be him aiming at Cuomo. Maybe Cuomo should just give it up and let Paladino take him out on a date. That seems to be what he wants. Perhaps he’s only confused about his own homosexuality? Who knows.

Enough about the hardcore news, let’s be real for a little bit. He’s old school, and closed minded. I don’t feel we should be putting trust in a man who is running for a position in such a diverse place as New York City when he himself is not diversified in thinking. He has a one tracked mindset, and he’s probably just way too old to hop off of that track without his knees giving out.

I say live and let live. Although it is a cliche’d term, I feel it is only fair. What one chooses to do with their life has very little to do with the success and economy of New York and nothing at all to do with your hoping to govern! Focus on yourself and stop trying to dig deeper and deeper into Cuomo and sharing your unwanted, close-minded take on sexuality. Am I the only one who feels this guys mentality belongs to a high schooler?


Faster Than a New York Mood Swing

It was so strange watching the aura of the city go from fashion on the 10th, to somber on the 11th.

WTC, the way we remember it

There’s now a major aspect of New York missing. Has been for 9 years now. The skyline many of us grew up seeing, knowing, changed by one day. Everything we believe in was tested and to the test we stood, as strong as ever. It took resilience, power, emotion, strength, and fear to bring us together. I still remember that day, not as if it were yesterday, but more like a nightmare. Astounding; so much so that it feels like it never really happened.

With so much going on from the building of mosque’s to the burning of the Quran, the climate is a frigid one in this country right now. In this cold body, the heart of it all rests here. Where it began, and probably where it will end. New York City has handled this situation well. We refuse to fear, we refuse to live how they want us to.

Walking through the streets of New York I see many Muslim protesters, claiming to know that the United States will burn. Handing out “literature” they attempt to inform Americans that we are all damned, doomed, etc. The message may vary, but I’ve seen some pretty extreme messages.

Aside from it all, we continue to work towards the future. If you want a perfect view of how far back we’ve come, take a ride on the free Staten Island Ferry. The view of a building structure I didn’t recognize made me smile. The frame work of the new towers is now high enough to be seen easily from the Hudson River.

We all have issues. Our countries have them, our people have them, our religions have them. Fact is that nothing is perfect, but war violence is rarely the way to attain peace. We’ve just evolved, or rather de-evolved, to believe that they need be in place. Forget your country, forget your religion. What does that say for us as humans, really?

Take Off Your Mosque

If you don’t live under a rock, or in Arkansas (sorry Arkansas readers), you’ve probably heard of the controversy over whether or not a mosque should be built merely minutes away from Ground Zero.

The argument is that a mosque this close to a place where many people, not only Americans, lost their lives to terrorist acts by Muslims is a slap in the face of every man, woman, child, and ferret of America. I’m sure many of you feel the same.

The tension of this issue in New York City is understandably thick. On one hand, we fight for our freedom, for everyones freedom, yet we don’t want to allow Muslims to build their place of worship. On the other hand, we protect all that is ours. Sacred land deserves sacred treatment, hence the reason we usually don’t have our birthday parties on peoples graves.

Either way, there is a balance that needs to be maintained. Who do we look to for balance? Greedy politicians? Nope. Religious leaders? Nope. Al Sharpton? Hell no! We need rich people! Those are the people who make America tick, no?!

Now humbled Americans patiently await a bid to buy the space by one of our many rich friends, one specifically being the one and only, Donald Trump. Although the Trump can’t control the small animal upon his head, he could very well bring smiles to the faces of many Americans and show some strength and unity in New York City if he chose to buy the property that may one day house a mosque.

Will the Donald step up to the task, or will he stay away from it? Who knows! I’m not Who, so I don’t know. Only time and money will tell.

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