Rutgers Suicide Hate Crime Stakes

I’m sure plenty of you have either heard or read about the Rutgers student, Tyler Clamenti, who committed suicide after fellow students put a video of him making love to another man on the internet. Just to recap, the incident involves 3 people. One, the young man who committed suicide, and the other two, one male and one female who filmed and broadcast the video.

Since this made national news, I’m going to assume you know most of the details. Now the question is whether or not these 2 other students should have the charge of a hate crime added on to the invasion of privacy. My contemplation is as follows. He was gay, we knows this. From what I know, or rather don’t know, the two other students are presumably heterosexual, yes. What they did was undeniably wrong, unfair, and downright uncalled for. But does this really hold ground as a hate crime? There’s plenty of controversy over this. Are Americans just sensitive because he’s gay and so the gay community claims it to be against them?

Is it okay for masses to quickly cry victim? This is a tragedy, as it is a loss of human life. But was this an attack on him because of who he was as a person? Was it an attack to his sexual orientation? Was it an attack at all, or was it just taking a distasteful joke way too far?

As it stands right now they’re facing invasion of privacy and probably some other charges that mean nothing but have fancy names, but the if the hate crime is tacked onto this, then that could mean a few more years tacked onto their sentences. As I said, this is a very tragic end to a young mans life, but these kids didn’t beat him up or pushing him physically. He couldn’t take the stress and embarrassment of having this known publicly and he killed himself. So my question is, should hate crimes be added to this, or is this just someone who couldn’t take it and killed himself, who just so happened to be gay?

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