Verizon Loves Sharing, Sort Of

Here’s one that tech geeks and especially #teamandroid supporters will be a bit upset at.

Verizon Wireless has announced that it will be releasing it’s own VCAST store as a direct competitor with the Android Market. Don’t get why this is such a big deal? I’ll try to keep it brief.

Google is a business like any other. Android is their software. Verizon chooses to bloat just about every one of their Android devices with their own overlay, meaning they aren’t running genuine, direct from Google, Android software.

By Verizon choosing to directly compete with the Android Market is sort of a slap in the face. Android, most people won’t know of. But mention “Droid” and of course now everyone knows that you are talking about. Android is the software, Droid is hardware from Motorola, on the Verizon network. Verizon has done an excellent marketing job by the way, because people now think anything running Android is Droid. Well played, VZ.

Android’s first device, the G1 was a T-Mobile product. Since then however, Verizon has gotten just about all of the high end phones, and has done all of their own branding to the extent that Android has now become AnDroid to the average non-geek, leaving Google kind of out there in the limbo of attention and brand pushing, while Verizon soaks up most of the glory. So much so that some people, when presented with Android devices from another carrier (ex. T-Mobile) believe they aren’t “real Droids”. I hope you get where I’m coming from with that one.

I guess for the most part this is not a big deal to many. Hell, it may even be a minor deal to Google (for now). Verizon has the same attitude all over the board, which is my personal reason for not being a part of their community. Jerks, money hungry jerks at that. Soon, they’ll try to take Google’s name out of everything it seems. Maybe then it will be a real issue for Google.

My (selfish) suggestion: Bring all the Android goodness over to T-Mobile where Vanilla (direct from Google) Android phones are what we love!

The only thing I see good about the VCAST store is that you can get the charges of paid applications directly on your phone bill, as opposed to whipping out your credit/debit card, using PayPal, or having to open a Google checkout account.

Google doesn’t really get revenue from the Android Market, but the hard working, average joe developers do (those who charge at least, since the underbelly of the Android Market is overall a great community of people who donate when an app is free and kick-ass).

VZ users with Android devices will now have to open two different stores to explore all of the app choices. Although this is a minor blow since it does not affect Google’s pockets too much, perhaps attention should be paid to the fact that Verizon one-uped their douchebaggery by eliminating Google’s search which DOES generate revenue and replacing it with Bing (a Microsoft product!) on the Samsung Fascinate, which is as you guessed it, an Android device aka a Google OS (operating system) device.

I wonder if Google regrets shaking hands with the VZ now. Either way, I dedicate this song to you Verizon. It sounds like you wrote it yourselves. Enjoy!

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